These Mammas will need homes too once their puppies are old enough to be weaned. Our Mammas will then be spayed, Vaccinated and microchipped and ready for their furever homes.

This is the most exciting part of what we do! Caring for the Mamma dogs while they are waiting to give birth. These Mamma dogs all come out of a shelter so we have no idea of their background. Some are terrified of everything, some have never been in a home before, some have been abused or any number of these things along with other issues. We give them lots of TLC so they know they are in a safe environment for giving birth when the time comes.

Mamma Sweet Pea & Puppies

Sweet Pea came to us from a hoarding case with her 4 day old puppies (born 10/16/21). They were living outside and Sweet Pea was and still is very thin. Her puppies are seemingly healthy though. She has 3 girls (Precious, Sunshine & Angel) and 2 boys (Dumpling & Pookie). These guys look like Chihuahua mixes.

The Puppy mamma

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